Christmas Day

Leo had an amazing day today. He’s at that sweet age where each present is played with after opening – not discarded in favour of opening another.
Once he’d opened the farmyard animals from Gran and Grandad, he wasn’t so interested in unwrapping anything else. Nursery gave him a little book as well – he kept going back for that. He’s got a great pushalong parrot, but he can’t quite manage to do it yet, and he gets cross with it. The capricious little feller wan’t too bothered about anything mummy and daddy had bought, of course.
We had lots of lovely photos and some great video as well – he’s hardly had a nap, so by the end of the day he was more wired than i’ve ever seen him. In bed by 7.00, so we got to watch Dr Who!
He’s off to Humby tomorrow, for cuddles, kisses and even more unwrapping!


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