Grandma’s house at Christmas (cheekily backdated)

Leo had a whale of a time at Humby this year. I was pleased he rejected the weird fibre optic light tree in favour of the spruce.
Highlights included
Watching bagpuss (a DVD present immediately entered vocabulary as ‘Ba[gp]u[ss]’)
Running round the house
Climbing the stairs (including getting to the top while no-one was watching – scary but only happened once)
But the most amazing thing was helping build a snowman. He was puzzled to start with, watching Emma rolling a huge body. But he got into it, patting snow onto the snowman, and he enjoyed being in my arms when i added in the carrot nose.
He’s become quite protective of me, too – during a mini snowball fight he looked nervous and then cried when i fell over.
Leo and Grandma made a morning ritual of opening the curtains – at which point he was very excited to see the snowman again out of the window. I didn’t see this, obviously, as i was laying in bed upstairs – many thanks again to Lynda for the three lie-ins.
He knows who everyone is now, and is quite happy to be looked after by anyone – he’s growing up to be a very sociable little boy.


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