Welcome to work, daddy!

I get to work to find this on an email from Claire…
1. he has suddenly taken a liking to walking backwards!
2. he put a banana in the kitchen bin, so after telling him ‘no’ I
then tried to explain that things that go in bins are things we want
to say ‘bye bye’ to. He then pointed at the bin and said ‘daddy’!


Climbing on the sofa

Claire came into the front room; Leo was sitting on the sofa, reading an Elmer book, cool as a cucumber.
By the time i came in, he was standing at the table. Did she make it up? We asked him to climb up again. He did this, then stared at us in puzzlement – what’s the big deal? So, i learnt to do this this morning, and now it’s utterly normal. Where’s my breakfast, anyway?