Today’s new word.


Becoming toddlerish…

He didn’t want to brush his teeth tonight – he headed for the books. Clearly avoiding bedtime. When i insisted, he (calmly and quite elegantly) lay face down on the floor and didn’t move. After a while he rolled onto his back, then rolled onto his knees and walked to the bathroom.
I think he’s been watching someone at nursery and he’s trying it out. But he doesn’t really get the idea – you’re supposed to wait until daddy reacts…

Hide and seek at Tate Modern

Sunday rain took us to Tate Modern. The Rachel Whiteread installation in the Turbine Hall proved a big, big hit.
With so many mazey alleyways, we could hide and then pop out with a ‘Boo!’ Or, he could just explore off on his own – apart from one head-first-onto-concrete bang – it is quite safe. He was quite happy ignoring other people and running past them to wander round unknown corners.
He was moving so fast, no pictures came out. I haven’t had so much fun for ages. I think we should take him back before it ends in May.


I’ve been off work ill, so through my fatigued haze i heard him say ‘blue dolphin’. I thought he said ‘red car’ the other day but couldn’t sure. This however was definitely a pairing. Accurate, too, though the bath dolphins aren’t especially dolphin-shaped.


Grandma and Grandpa came down today. Despite a bit of sleep-routine disturbance, we had a nice day, with a lot of playing in Walpole and Lammas parks.
At the end of the afternoon he got very tearful – we think his rose-red cheeks indicate more teeth on the way.
After Lynda and Ian had left, he walked into the kitchen with an empty, used mug. Shouting ‘Teeeee’.

Climbing boy

He was hungry this morning, and decided to make his point in a rather more frightening way than just shouting and pointing.
When i came into the front room, he was half way up climbing onto his chair. The bar at the top confused him a bit, but he just climbed over it and stood there, not quite sure what to do next.
So, we took the front bar off, because
a) having trouble getting his tummy into it
b) doesn’t have a bar at nursery and hasn’t fallen off (yet)
c) he won’t have to climb so high next time he tries this trick.
I think he may have tried it because we spent so long in the park yesterday climbing up to go on the little slide. I didn’t realise i was making a monster. Next stop, dragging a chair to reach the worktops in the kitchen.