Taking himself off for a nap

He only ate half his lunch at nursery today. Midway through the meal, he calmly colected his milk, walked over to the sleeping mats and lay on the floor. He had a few gulps, put it to one side then went to sleep.
Emma at nursery related this to me; she’s certainly quite taken with him!
When we got home, he delightedly said ‘towtruck’ as he picked it up.



I forgot to mention (fool)…
He used a preposition today. We were about to read a book when he said ‘no’, and walked to another, and said ‘this one’.

Berlin trip

We went to Berlin to see Karsten, Anne and 6-month-old baby Mika. We had a very relaxing weekend, and Leo enjoyed all the different toys and cupboards to explore.
Cutest among many Leo moment was his lying on Mika’s blanket, playing with the baby gym, repeating over and over ‘Leo, baby, Leo, baby’.


First clear evidence that Leo has grown himself to be psychologically seperate from the world, not within it.
He was sitting on my lap, with me readinga Poppy-cat book to him. On the page with Poppycat sitting on the lap of a “parent cat”, he pointed at them and said ‘Daddy’ and ‘Leo’. The key is that he then repeated himself, pointing at me and then himself. So, he recognises a representation of a relationship as separate from the relationship itself.
Usually occurs at 20-22 months, so he’s getting on well!

Other people’s joy in privacy is so damn infuriating

Anna and Jag had their baby this morning – a healthy 8lb 5oz (Jag thought…) girl born naturally. Her name is Meera Rose (or Mira, not sure of the spelling).
Claire and I are going bananas wanting details. We know what it was like having those precious first few hours, days, weeks, and we know how grateful we are that everyone left us in peace to get ourselves sorted as a threesome. But from the other side… NEVER MIND THAT, WE WANT TO CALL THEM NOW!