Yes. Yes, please!

At the end of breakfast, after refusing a banana, i asked if he wanted to get down. Bearing in mind that while he’s usually said ‘no’ very clearly, an affirmative has always been a shy giggle, or may be a cross between ‘wow’ and ‘[hoo]ray’.
This morning he said ‘yes’. While i was staring in shock, he said ‘Yes, please’.



For a while now we’ve been playing ‘Is this Leo’s house?’
Then he started standing at a gate and just saying ‘No’
I’d started pointing at a tree and asking him ‘Is this a bus? Is this a plane?’
Today, he went to the tree and said ‘Bus? No.’
I am so pleased that, not only does he have a well developed sense of humour, it’s deadpan.


Picking him up today, he was at the table with a diplodocus, saying ‘dinosaur’.
We hadn’t heard him say it, but then, we have no dinosaur at home to which he may need to refer.
So, that 10 minutes and a fiver spent tomorrow at work!

Silly daddy

Claire has been amusing herself (not me, oh no) by teaching Leo to say ‘Silly Daddy’. He got this down pretty quickly- in fact he’s worryingly articulate, as if he’s always appreciated the concept but merely lacked the vocabulary.
I spilt a tiny bit of milk at family breakfast time. Silly daddy was pronounced, with a look downwards and a shake of his head.
I’m chastened.


Gosh, what with being away for a few days, ill and busy, i haven’t written much for ages. What’s he been up to?
-he’s got the hang of pushing his little parrot, which he now pushing or carries round the flat with him a lot of the time
-‘oh dear’, pronounced ‘a-dear’ is not only a fine thing to say, it’s good enough to need to engineer opportunities to repeat. Hence, ripping up magazines, throwing toys in the bin – just to say ‘oh-dear’ for the next 2 minutes.
-cuddly toys have to hide and then boo! at bedtime
-gone off yoghurt – weirdly, he often doesn’t finish the pot. New highlight is cheese. Or ‘cheeeeze’
-Maddy is the new girlfriend at nursery. Daisy hardly gets a a look in. All the way home, it’s ‘Car. Car! Bye-bye Maddy. Car! Bye-bye Maddy Car! Taxi. Wow Taxi!’. Sweetest of all, we have had ‘Bye-bye Maddy. Bye-bye Maddy’s mummy’