Family holiday

Again, i have neglected to write for so long, and so much has happened!
We’ve had our two weeks off, including a week in Cornwall. Leo enjoyed:
Running around shouting ‘wow’ at the Tring museum’s animal displays
Wolfing cod and chips, leaving behind the batter
At the beach, splashing and paddling, but mainly just throwing sand about
Feeding lambs at ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’
Going up and down [‘careful’] the stairs at the cottage
Most poignant on the holiday for me was watching him play before getting up one morning. Claire had gone for a shower and i was on my way to get him up. He was lying on his back in his cot with pig sitting on his chest, singing ‘row, row, row’. He was rocking pig back and forth, then side to side, just as i do for Leo. At the end, he shouted ‘hooray’, and clapped pig’s hands.
In fact, Leo’s singing and language has been one of the two revelations of the last month. He sings songs a lot, and sings himself to sleep. Whenever he’s alone and not specifically playing with an object, such as in the car or upon waking, he’ll sing to himself.
Fearless physical play was the other big change. He would happily roam around the garden, running down a slope or kicking a ball around. At the Lappa Valley Railway, he climbed a [quite taut] scramble net and ran around a play castle alongside a load of bigger boys before exiting via the slide.
His proximity to us has changed things too – just how he speaks to us and with us, invloving us in his playing, or telling us what to do. He’ll make connections very quickly as well – when he wanted to go into the garden he asked, but when he anted me to go with him, he told me while bringing me my shoes.


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