Moving up at nursery

Too hot, can’t sleep, more Leonews
He’s going into the 2-3 year-old room a couple of days a week, to bridge the transition. He seems to be doing fine there, and the carer told me today ‘he knows the numbers 1, 4 and 5’. He was counting to 12 on holiday, and on Monday had gone to 14 (no idea where he’d heard that!). So i counted with him, and he got most of the nunmbers on the way to 14. She was surprised and impressed, and afterwards i felt we’d been showoffs.
I think he is shyer in bigger groups, so doesn’t say so much as at home. He doesn’t show all of himself at nursery. But then, he comes back with things we’ve never taught him, so maybe there’s just other fun stuff there.
Also, that he knows colours better than some of the older kids, which is testament to the work Abby did with him in the toddler room, after we’d said he wasn’t very good at them and called everything ‘blue’.
So i’m worried we’re being hothouse parents and not letting him enjoy himself, since he seems to be picking things up incredibly quickly.


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