Birthday week

He has been the cutest little angel (or i should say, cutest ‘VERY BIG BOY’). We bought him a wendy house (why are they called that?), and on his birthday morning he found it in the living room with more presents inside. Unlike last year, he’s got the idea that it might be worth waiting to play with present number one, because present number two might be worth opening…
Lots of books, and a push-along horse-and-rider that is currently being charged round the house.
We went to the London Aquarium in the morning. As an exhibition professional, i have to say it is terrible in terms of communication and learning but that doesn’t matter because they’ve got sharks! They were just great. There were touchable rays, turtles, and all that, but never mind – they had sharks!.
Lunch, then a nap while we walked towards Tate Modern. Awake later, he came alive at the sight of the Miro he like last time we visited, shouting ‘Whale!’ He has the postcard on his wall, so recognition played a large part.
Then i had one of my favourite ten minutes of the last few years. We ran round the turbine hall playing a rule-less game that involved jumping, chasing, throwing up in the air, hiding, rolling on the floor. By the time we left, most visitors were watching us. All the photos Claire took are blurred, we were moving around so quickly. I was lost in it, completely taken up in the moment. He and I were alone, the rest of the world was entirely absent.
We had his party yesterday – all the family and godparents were able to be there except Richard, so not bad for summer-holiday time. More presents, including a kettle and teacups that were then used this morning for giving morning tea to the cuddly toys!
We won’t need to go to the library for a while – he has oodles of books and yet again no repeats! He has only one duplicate book in a library of about 50. This luck can’t last; i may need to publish a booklist…
I found it tiring, i really do prefer smaller group events, but Leo was fine. Unfazed, he just carved out his space with whoever he chose at that moment (I noticed him enjoying a cake with Jag, an unwrapping with Jenny, a book with Emma) and made his own little coterie. Most people got a play with baby Mira as well, who is a beautiful, placid, wide-eyed cuddle of curiousity. Reminds me of when Leo was that small, though it seems an age ago.


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