Big boy’s bed

At a B&B for Jane Stanley’s wedding. There was a low-level single bed in the room, so we asked Leo whether he’d rather sleep in ‘travel cot or big boy’s bed’.
He went to sleep OK in it, i woke up at about 4am to some banging. He was fast asleep on the floor alongside, rolling into the adjoining chest. I put him back in and he slept OK till 7.
Next night, he had slept in his buggy at the wedding, and we didn’t get him home til about 2. Nevertheless, he still wriggled about aplenty in the small hours. At one point i woke up and had to move him back into bed: from his snoringly comfy position with his face on the bed, legs on the floor.
Third night we put him onto the travel cot – i couldn’t face such a nervous sleep again.


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