Gone…Box…Truck…Leo’s new house

I am sitting on Leo’s chair in a near-empty echofull flat. Today is move day and Leo is completely unfazed. Above is what he said when he woke up and saw his room.
We have prepared him for the idea but we were never sure how he’d react. Though of course we transfered our concerns to him (‘he’ll be upset by the chaos and being unable to find things…’), he didn’t accept them. Coming home last night, he stood in the front room and laughed.


Daddy gets a lollipop

Made of sticklebricks but tasted sweet all the same. When i picked him up, he was sitting at the table with a pile of sticklebricks before him. Naomi told me he’d earlier made a lollipop.
Overhearing, he grabbed 2 bricks (long bit, round bit) and made it again. He giggled when i munched it – then made a car and threw a bit of it into the ‘home corner’ – though its letterbox.

New House

We are still in solicitors’ netherworld, not quite sure if we’re going ahead or not. Should be fixed this week but we have heard that before…
So it has soaked up what little energy i have after running round after him, hence the delay in this being updated.
Highlights have included
-Demanding ‘Jag!’ when Claire outlined the following day’s trip with Anna and Mira
-Holding hands with Mira on the swing
-Holding hands with Maddy and Daisy to run in to nursery together
-His first go on a bouncy castle (at the nursery fun day)
-Building a ‘car’ out of sticklebricks, then pointing out to me where Daddy, Mummy and Leo sit
-All fishes are now called ‘Nemo’