Jigsaws are now the coolest thing, and he likes having two on the go at once – one in the living room, one in the kitchen. He likes shouting out ‘Leo did it!’ at completion. It is interesting too how he’s learning patience from it. While he used to scream in anger the first time a piece didn’t fit, he will now try once or twice more before losing his rag. So still not placidly accepting, but then neither is mummy…


Getting used to new house

Well, we’re in, and Leo turns out to be cheerfully adaptable. He’s enjoying his new bed, which he now stays in most of the time (he has fallen out a few times which i think annoys him – he says ‘babies fall out’) and enjoying scooting out of it to reach his books and toys in the morning.
The stairs are also fun, and ‘careful’ is repeated all the time they are used or even discussed.
He knows to turn right outside nursery, too!
So while we ponder what order to do things in, Leo is getting on with playing and exploring, happy as anything.