Leo has a new bed, but it came with a little disappointment

I went to Ikea last night, and today assembled a new bed, toy storage boxes and put up a giant floaty leafything above said bed.
Yesterday we’d spoken to him of the new bed but he’d thought he was getting the Thomas travel-bed/sleeping bag he keeps seeing in all his magazines. Today he responded to his cool new big-boy’s bed with a quiet ‘no…Thomas…I want Thomas’. We explained that was a special bed for holidays only and if he’s good he might get one at Christmas.
By the way, another incredible Ikea story. The mattress was MOULDY. I’ll write that again: MOULDY. Little specks of mildew peppered one side. So i had to go back and get a replacement. Perfect way to spend a weekend – since i have no interest in spending any time with boy.


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