First experience of death

Before the weekend, Leo had spontaneously said he’d see Whisky and Soda at Grandma’s house. But Soda died a few weeks ago. Claire explained that Soda had had a lot of ow-ow and that he had gone; now he didn’t hurt anymore.
Reading a book this evening, one page had a ginger cat. This set Leo off on quite a train of thought.
‘There’s Whisky … at Grandma’s house … no Soda.
Soda gone away.
Soda was big ow-ow. Now no ow-ow.
Bye bye Soda, nice to see you.’
Then he didn’t want to read any more and he put the book on the table. He then tried to cover the book with other books, and then carried a set to the stairs, saying that he had to ‘put books away’.
I think he understands that Soda has died, or at least that he won’t see Soda again. He certainly feels sad himself. I am pleased he is able to recall and speak of it, though i wonder if i should be surprised – most adults will speak of death in these terms, and find some happiness in the end of a loved one’s pain.
I wonder if he’ll react differently to this book now – whether to choose it more or reject it.


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