Duplo Thomas goes down well, but becomes problematic…

The big train set from Linda is good fun, but he screamed at lunchtime and then at nap-time. It was late, he was tired – but my word what a fuss. “I want Thomas, Daddy, Daddy, no, I want Thomas”. Now he’s wriggled out of bed to play with his other Thomas train set.
Father Christmas has been very kind to him. Books, Dinosaur jigsaws, Thomas (sets, books, clothes…), Charlie & Lola. And there’s still GrandmaGrandpa’s as well!


Whisky for Father Christmas

Just before going to bed, Leo left a note for Father Christmas. I asked him:
“Would Father Christmas prefer beer or whisky?”
“Whisky,” he replied, straightaway.
As we took the last Christmas Eve photo, Leo was grinning and shouting “Meow, meow.” Then we realised he was thinking about Grandma and Grandpa’s cat!
Earlier we went to the Christmas ‘carol’ service at St Paul’s, which had a couple of good sing-songs but mainly kids playing the nativity and a tedious non-sermon from a casual-Cameron type. Leo loved the nativity and carols, but got bored at the ‘Hey, it isn’t just about presents’ bit so he and i went to run around the lobby. We asked him if he’d liked it, to which he said “yes.” We then said it was drama, did he like drama… “yes.” Ten paces later, “I don’t like drama.”

Nearly Christmas

After a while ignoring the presents under the tree, he tried to open one this morning. And got upset when Mummy told him ‘no, we’ll open them tomorrow’.
He also said ‘no, no Father Christmas please’ to me this morning. I’m not sure if he’s saying he doesn’t believe, or doesn’t the idea of a sinister red-dressed fat man appearing in his room.
He has so many presents, though – it is so exciting!

Stage fright

Today was the Buttons drama performance. All this term Leo hasn’t really been bothered about it, so we didn’t expect him to do it, really.
Sitting on nursery chairs (about two thirds of an adult buttock wide) with Claire and Adam, one of the carers told us that since Leo hadn’t wanted to do the dress rehearsal, he probably wouldn’t do anything.
He came in on a carer’s hip, and as the other children started to line up he spotted us and had a lip wobble. So he watched the other children from my lap. They were very sweet but at least half were in tears by the end. Just too overwhelming, i think. Leo was uninterested, though. Once it was over and we all stood up, he started climbing over the chairs – ‘I climb, daddy.’
This evening, we talked about his sport, which he still loves. After that, he turned to me and said, ‘Daddy, I don’t like drama.’
I am sad in a way that there’s something he doesn’t get into, that he can’t find enjoyment in this sort of thing. But i’m pleased that he knows his own mind and has the courage to just refuse. Not go through with it crying and miserable, but just to walk off and play with something else. Reminds me of someone…

Silly Grandad

Mum and Dad looked after Leo a few evenings ago; Claire and I were both out. Walking back from nursery this evening he stopped and said ‘Grandad can’t do it’. I tried to find out what he meant, but all i got was ‘Silly grandad’.
Adam stayed last night – this morning Leo marched into the lounge and shouted ‘wakey wakey!’ This evening he walked into the room and said ‘I want to see Adam’. He was quite bothered until i explained Adam was on a train. Then he was OK.