Whisky for Father Christmas

Just before going to bed, Leo left a note for Father Christmas. I asked him:
“Would Father Christmas prefer beer or whisky?”
“Whisky,” he replied, straightaway.
As we took the last Christmas Eve photo, Leo was grinning and shouting “Meow, meow.” Then we realised he was thinking about Grandma and Grandpa’s cat!
Earlier we went to the Christmas ‘carol’ service at St Paul’s, which had a couple of good sing-songs but mainly kids playing the nativity and a tedious non-sermon from a casual-Cameron type. Leo loved the nativity and carols, but got bored at the ‘Hey, it isn’t just about presents’ bit so he and i went to run around the lobby. We asked him if he’d liked it, to which he said “yes.” We then said it was drama, did he like drama… “yes.” Ten paces later, “I don’t like drama.”


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