Acting up with me

He seems to be very agressive toards me at the moment. Maybe it is because i was away, and then ill, so he feels cross with me. Maybe it is just that he wants to be physical and doesn’t know his own strength yet. Either way, he can give me a fair thwack to chest or face. He’s also delivered the odd kick to a place he himself will soon discover as painful.
I don’t really know what to do. There’s a Guardian-reader part of me that wants to stop the behaviour. But it’s also great fun wrestling with him, and it’s something he doesn’t do with Claire. Is it healthy for him to be a bit rougher – and he needs more running in the park? Is it a boy thing?



It was so long that I knew, without being to write, that i have got used to not mentioning the huge elephant in the blog.
Claire’s pregnant again, due 26 July (yes, three years to the day after Leo was due. Jokes will be laughed at only if previously unheard). I’ve wanted to write about it but have kept it secret for obvious reasons. Immediate family all know, though i haven’t caught up with everyone yet in person. I’m so overjoyed, but like a child who is happy with the word ‘holiday’ while not having a clue what it might be like…
Leo came to the scan, saw the baby ‘wiggling’. He sometimes talks to the baby, shouting ‘hello’ at Claire’s growing little bump. He has variously said that it is a puppy or a kitten in there, but the sweetest was when he insisted mummy would have a joey – i think the visibility of the kangaroo pouch made it clearer for him.
He has started listing relationships, he’ll lie in bed in the morning, saying:
Mummy, Leo
Daddy, Leo
Mummy, Daddy, Leo
Leo, Baby
Mummy, Daddy, Leo, Baby
The one combination conspicuously absent is ‘Mummy, Daddy, Baby’. I think he’s in for a shock. Part of me feels sorry for him, in that he will lose some of his ‘only one’ priviledge. But he’ll gain a joey!
Claire’s been quite tired and more queasy this time, but she’s coming out of htat now and it’s a relief to be able to tell people. No-one surprised; Claire not drinking at the Christmas parties…?

Too tired to argue

Usually there’s quite a debate about which book to read before bed. Today he went with my first suggestion, ‘yes, daddy’. He was very tired, so i reckon didn’t have the energy to fuss. Besides not napping at nursery, he hadn’t gone to sleep straightaway last night – he crawled out of bed, played with his trains and fell asleep against the door.
It’s really hard to be firm but gentle when he is that tired – i just want to cuddle him as he whinges with a tiny little voice.