Confession part 2

We found out what Leo was doing that was naughty, and led Helen to tell him off. He was running around disturbing other children at ‘circle time’, and preventing the storytelling. And he was doing it by sitting on other children.
So Helen was quite right, though she was worried we’d be cross. I said she was absolutely right, and then Helen said ‘the only other time i told him off was when he hit Daisy’ (we all know what it means when a little boy hits a little girl, don’t we…).
I told Helen she was absolutely right and should tell Leo off whenever he’s doing anything like that. She was a bit relieved!
Earlier she had told Claire that Leo is very good at apologising to other children when he’s been naughty, but that he is reluctant to do so for one of the adults. She said he has to pout for a bit first, and will often spend some time afterwards glaring at them or stomping off from any activity they’re leading.
So, while adults are the most fun they’re also the most annoying. Fair point.


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