A fascinating evening with Leo. I walked into nursery, Leo seemed fine but he burst into tears when he saw me. From then on, he was grumpy – nothing was right, from toast to jigsaws. I asked him if he was cross. He said he was. Then, ‘are you sad?’
But still grumpy. Later on I asked him, ‘are you cross with one of the children at nursery?’
‘Who are you cross with?’
‘Helen,’ he said.
She’s one of the carers, a few years older than the others – at least 25! I thought for a bit, then asked ‘what did Helen do?’
‘She shouted at me.’ he said, with a kicked-puppy tone and gaze.
‘Were you being naughty?’
‘Yes,’ he said, in sheepish sort of voice, and hung his head a little.
He wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me what he’d done, but he cheered up immensely after this exchange and played happily until bedtime – even saying hello to the plumber (a complete stranger) when he arrived.
I think it’s amazing that his behaviour would so clearly indicate some sort of unresolved problem, something he hasn’t yet worked through, but most of all that he could come to some reconciliation of it in himself by talking about it.


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