Richard. I like Richard.

Richard is down for the week. Leo is incredibly enamoured of him, choosing him to read the goodnight book this evening, saying ‘I like Richard’.
I haven’t writtten for a month! It’s been chaos what with Bob the builder finishing, jobs round the house and work being so difficult.
He’s a sweet as ever, just an endless progression of loveliness. Now singing comes in entire songs, not just a verse or so. And things being like other things is interesting too: sticks are a bit like little trees, that sort of thing.
He having a real enquiry phase. So often he’ll ask, ‘what are you doing, Daddy?’ To which the answer is often quite simple: ‘sitting reading a book with you, Leo.’
Unpacking the shopping this evening, he found garlic. So he went to the drawer and got our garlic press. Which i don’t think he’s seen us use as we always chop, but he knew the name.
A grand prix car poster from the Observer had to go up on his wall. After choosing his favourite (the McClaren ’90 vintage, by the way) he then chose mine and Claire favourite. I was done with the game, but he said ‘Which one is baby’s favourite, Daddy?’ and then chose a little green ferarri.


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