New baby

I’ve managed to miss out so many lovely things, i feel sad about it, but i think i’ve got out of the habit of quick frequent updates. Sorry, will try harder.
Claire is now majestic, with a belly that demands champagne be cracked upon it in launching to the high seas. Leo is now treating it all quite factually, describing the difference between babies and non-babies with relish. “Babies go “Waaaah”, I don’t, I am a big boy”
Jag and I (well, mainly Jag) doing the new floor in the baby room has been a big thing too. “Jag build baby room floor!” And now he is keener than ever to refer to his room. “Not the baby’s room, no!”
He’s also taken to telling Claire that her tummy is going to “Go Pop, and baby says ‘hello’!”


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