Now he’s asking me about my day

Leo: Did you have a nice day at work, Daddy?
Me: Yes, well, I had quite a nice day, thank you Leo
Leo: That’s nice


I am you and you are me

We were all on the bed, reading a book when the doorbell went. After i’d dealt withit, i came upstairs to find Leo lying on my side, saying ‘I’m daddy’. So i lay between him and claire, and said ‘i’m Leo’.
After we finished the book, i said ‘Is it bedtime, daddy?’. Leo looked a bit puzzled, but went along with the game, leading me to his room. When i lay in his bed, he tucked me in and said ‘goodnight daddy’. I demanded Scoop, which he brought to me. Then Claire and Leo said goodnight and closed the door.
I got up in a bit and played a little ‘no, not bedtime’ tantrum – stomping on the floor – which he thought funny. Then i called an end to the game and Leo went to bed.
He enjoyed this, and did get the idea of role play (this from the boy who insists he doesn’t like drama!) but my acting a tantrum bothered him just a smidge. I don’t think he’s yet got awareness of how he looks when he does that – he’s to cross to notice himself.

Leo having trouble sleeping

He and i had our first ever real cross moment. He wasn’t sleeping, getting up to play and all the usual. The thing is, after repeated trips up to talk to him, he started giggling about it. I left him once more but had to go up again.
At that point i packed up his trains and told him he’d be without them for a day because he was being naughty not staying in bed. He did calm down a little while later and go to sleep but i don’t know if that’s because he responded.
I felt really bad; still do – i have no idea if that’s the right thing to do or not. Whether it makes any difference or not to how he’ll sleep in future. I have fond memories (though older) of reading in bed, really quietly, in the fading light through an edge of curtain. Who am i to tell him off for the same sort of thing? And i worry that i reacted because i was cross with him for not taking me seriously, for disrespecting my authority; i was really cross when he laughed at me.
It might be because he’s so good so much of the time, and we’ve managed to focus on incentives and rewards to encourage the good behaviour, and not had to punish naughtiness very much. We aren’t used to having to be the ‘shouty parent’.
I hope i don’t have to do this often, i can’t bear the aftermath. And also never knowing whether it’s helped or hindered.

Molly is the cheeky one

He has been the giggliest little sweetie this evening. Happy to be going round the ‘bob the builder shop’ [homebase] he picked up lots of thing and asked ‘do we need this, daddy?’ and argued with me about which wood filler we should buy.
At dinner time, he suddenly sang Thomas song, but instead of singing Thomas he said Molly.
I had to sing the ‘submarine song’ – he can’t remember it’s yellow, yet – and when i was halfway through he pulled open a drawer, selected one of his two guitars, and danced around accompanying me.

Hopefully Not

Leo was talking to Claire about how he might share his trains with his little sister. Claire explained that for a while, she would be too little to crawl or play with things like that, but maybe she could play with it when she was a bit older. Leo replied ‘hopefully not.’