Toilet training

It’s the ‘is it working or not’ stage. Sometimes he’s done it, other times he just wets himself without seeming to know in advance. But he was dry much of the day today, and went to the toilet once.
It’s weird, but he’s better with wees than poos. We’d been told it’s the other way round.
We must be mad doing the toilet traniing at the same time as Imogen’s first weeks. But then, in for a penny in for a pound!


Getting used to two

My word it’s hard! It’s weird that it is both incredibly familiar and totally alien. We did hundreds of Leo nappies, smooth but for his arcing wees, but she’s different. She clenches her knees to her chest and we have to either wait for ages to catch a stretched moment, or wrestle her, to get them on. (By the way, girls can do an arcing wee as well…)
She is much more windy than Leo, and a better night sleeper too. These things may be linked. She’s go three or four hours at night without a feed – but in the day she just eats, sicks most of it back up and then eats again. And she always has a part of the day where she just grumbles and cries. This feels like it’s lasting forever, but everyday it does pass and she eventually goes to sleep. We have booked a cranial osteopath again – maybe there’s something she can do about it, other parents have found this successful. But then, Athene said her second was like this for the first two months – and she’s placid, healthy and BIG.
Leo is still really into her. Coming back form nursery, he asks if ‘mummy and Imogen’ are at home, and his first act is to look for them.
He is also looking forward to his birthday tomorrow too – he is very excited and it may be hard to get him to sleep tonight! We can’t believe he is three already – and looking massive now Imogen is here.

Leo’s stuff is just everywhere

I was brushing my teeth and i glanced down to one of the shelves, which houses tweezer, mouthwash and the like. Dozily i thought to myself ‘there’s Leo’s Canada plane’.
The i thought how remarkable it is. Years ago i only had mysterious moisturisers appearing, or vases that were somehow the right shape for ‘other sorts of flowers’. I had got girl-stuff-blind. But after a few years of clearing Leo’s stuff up so that we had an ‘adult’ life in the evening, the tide has got too strong. Old MacDonald is next to the weekend papers by my bed. Scoop is next to Immy’s cot. Trains can get anywhere.
His capacity to remember physical locations is amazing too. Looking for something specific, he told me where it was – in the bottom of one of his boxes. He pulled it from under other objects first time to it in spite of me saying i didn’t think it was there.