What sort of week has Leo had?

Before i start – “not in labour” – as Claire must tell me now when she phones. Every time it goes off i panic just a little.
Anyway, this week Leo started transitioning into ‘the house’ – where Buttons have their pre-schoolers. Aged 3-4.5 or so. So, on Monday and Tuesday he breakfasted with the toddlers and then went into the house at about 9.00. He came back to the toddler room for pick-up about 5. He said he liked it – he kept going on about the big [toy]fire engine they have there. Wednesday morning, he said he was going into the big boys room and was really upset when i said he wasn’t. The other two transitioning children were crying and upset. So we were quite happy, thinking he’d done OK.
On thursday his stutter/stammer got suddenly worse, and he was visibly upset with himself about it. And then thursday morning he complained about feeling ‘sick’ – and sure enough he had a fever. So all weekend he’s been sort of on/off – sometimes playing normally, being quite cool actually – other times wanting to sit in a corner and sleep. He has some sort of bumpy rash which might be an allergy or some mild infection as well. We can’t work it out – but maybe the transitioning wasn’t quite so easy? It may have been quite stressful for him. And I worry that our encouragement of him to feel positive about something – ‘You’re such a big boy, going into the house’ – actually makes him worried and insecure.
But I did get to watch the Cars film, and some of the British Grand Prix, with him – slumped on the sofa while he couldn’t face doing anything else.


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