Endless waiting

This is so frustrating! In the last four days Claire has had three false starts to labour. Because Leo was born so quickly, we’ve been told to come in at the first sign. So, each time certain that something big and rhythmic had started, Claire feeling increasing pain, we have been all ready to jump to it – and then Claire’s had a shower and it’s just stopped.
This is being like a typical first labour, with gentle non-specific beginnings and no need to panic. Not what we have been led to believe by all the advice. Still, babies aren’t machines so we can’t expect it to run like clockwork. It’s just very disappointing – excited that today is the birthday of our daughter and then pulled up short, no it isn’t.
So the upshot is i’m at home working, unsure whether to go into the office or not. Claire’s grumpy and wanting the labour to hurry up.


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