Leo’s stuff is just everywhere

I was brushing my teeth and i glanced down to one of the shelves, which houses tweezer, mouthwash and the like. Dozily i thought to myself ‘there’s Leo’s Canada plane’.
The i thought how remarkable it is. Years ago i only had mysterious moisturisers appearing, or vases that were somehow the right shape for ‘other sorts of flowers’. I had got girl-stuff-blind. But after a few years of clearing Leo’s stuff up so that we had an ‘adult’ life in the evening, the tide has got too strong. Old MacDonald is next to the weekend papers by my bed. Scoop is next to Immy’s cot. Trains can get anywhere.
His capacity to remember physical locations is amazing too. Looking for something specific, he told me where it was – in the bottom of one of his boxes. He pulled it from under other objects first time to it in spite of me saying i didn’t think it was there.


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