OK, what would you have said?

A particularly messy potty-training incident. I’m cleaning him up in the toilets of a pub (Kate and Andy’s wedding reception). Behind me, a man stood at the urinal. Leo then said, ‘Daddy, that man has a really small penis.’
I said the only thing I could think of: ‘Leo, one of the rules of bathrooms is that we don’t talk about other people who are using them with us.’
I didn’t turn round, dreading making eye contact that would have made the situation more embarrassing for the man concerned. Leo wasn’t very concerned about it. What a taboo to break!


Back to work

I went back today, and discovered new depths of tiredness. Missed all my family after so long with all of them.
We set up the cot in our room yesterday – Imogen just wasn’t getting on with the Moses basket at all. I think it’s because she is so heavy – the mattress was sinking under her. She slept better, though of course waking up a bit.
We have forgotten so much about babies. It was weeks and weeks before Leo could self-sooth and get himself to sleep. He also had pain in his tummy and needed help to get the gas out (one end or the other). But it still feels disconcertingly new. I think we remember the months between third and crawling as a golden halcyon day of sleeping most nights 11-6.
Jeez, i can’t even make sense.

Leo’s birthday party

What an angel!
Pat came round this morning and helped build his playhouse – we got it done about 45 min before the start of the party (and when i say ‘done’, i mean ‘we put enough screws in the roof panels to hold it for now, i’ll finish it later’). Leo was very excited about it, and loved the idea of all the building.
He had to have a nap about 2, and i was getting very worried. We would have to wake him before the party, but usually that creates a grumpy boy. I woke him, with a lot of effort, and he had just got it together with a couple of biscuits by 3.05. Then he loked at the front door and said ‘no-one’s coming to my party’. It’s so young for him to have THOSE fears. But we went outside, and in a car arrived Ella, from the East, Daisy, and from the west, Sidney. So all would be well.
He sort-of welcomed people, but didn’t want to play with any of them. I think it was because Ella and Daisy ran off together, since they know each other so well. Everyone jumped into the paddling pool but he didn’t want to. He only warmed up when he started playing alongside Sid in the playhouse.
For the record, Isaac and Ida, Maxi and Isobel came too.
We were lucky as Imogen was happily asleep. Claire dipped off to feed, but a sleepy baby stayed happily on Sue’s lap for about an hour so Claire got to play.
All Leo’s Bob toys ended up in the pool. That is what got Leo in the pool – seeing others in their with his toys, he had to go and get Muck and go in there. Then, he played fine. He was running about like a sweetie, though far more focused on Sid than anyone else.
Ella and Daisy, and i mean this in the nicest way, trashed his room – i don’t think there’s a single toy they didn’t get out and leave somewhere muddly. All we heard downstairs was a lot of giggling.
Isaac wanted CBeebies on, and then all the kids gravitated there. Requests for Thomas were eventually met by our true monkey, who put in a DVD despite being fully aware he’s not supposed too. Peer pressure.
The cake worked well – i thought Leo was going to cry at the singing, but he was OK and blew well (actually spat a bit but shhh) to put the candles out.
Pass the parcel was a bit of a joke, they all lost interest after they got a couple of smarties – except Maxi and Daisy who tried to open it every time it went round. Brian and Tobin kept order well.
Why is Immy absent from this entry? Well, she sort of missed the party – feeding or sleeping quite contentedly in someone’s arms.
Once people left, and we got Leo in the bath he was buzzing and really huggy – it is too early really for grateful emotions to appear but he was SO huggy and cute this evening. He was so well behaved and tolerant all day – i’m overflowing with love for him.
He couldn’t get to sleep, but he calmly reasoned with us as to why. ‘It’s nice being awake, daddy’. I wish everyone could have the sort of life where we could say that.

He may have cracked it with the potty – you can skip this if you like.

A few days ago, i thought that after two weeks of trying he just wasn’t ready for the potty. We were having intermittent success, but he wasn’t asking or really caring if he was wet. So i talked to him and we agreed to go back to practice pants. But then, late morning as i was changing him, he said ‘what are you doing, Daddy?’ as i put them on him. I said i thought we’d agreed to do this for a while.
No daddy, i want big boy’s pants.’
‘OK, you know that it means you need to use the potty, and say when you need a wee’
‘Yes daddy’ – with a look of ‘do you think i’m an idiot?’
Since then he’s been mainly OK for wees – he just marches off and does it, or goes as soon as we put him on. The only exceptions are if he’s really tired or involved in something – and of course with pooing. He doesn’t realise he’s done it and he couldn’t care less. Still – at least he isn’t waiting till he’s clothed like some of his friends.