He may have cracked it with the potty – you can skip this if you like.

A few days ago, i thought that after two weeks of trying he just wasn’t ready for the potty. We were having intermittent success, but he wasn’t asking or really caring if he was wet. So i talked to him and we agreed to go back to practice pants. But then, late morning as i was changing him, he said ‘what are you doing, Daddy?’ as i put them on him. I said i thought we’d agreed to do this for a while.
No daddy, i want big boy’s pants.’
‘OK, you know that it means you need to use the potty, and say when you need a wee’
‘Yes daddy’ – with a look of ‘do you think i’m an idiot?’
Since then he’s been mainly OK for wees – he just marches off and does it, or goes as soon as we put him on. The only exceptions are if he’s really tired or involved in something – and of course with pooing. He doesn’t realise he’s done it and he couldn’t care less. Still – at least he isn’t waiting till he’s clothed like some of his friends.


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