Imogen’s still growing well!

She’s just been weighed again – 13 lb and 6.5 oz. That’s 6.1kg in proper money.
Over the 91st centile.


I don’t have a title just some cute things to mention

Imogen absolutely LOVES her bath – every few days we dip her in with Leo. He knows to not splash but he can’t resist shoving his face right at hers. She doesn’t seem to mind, though if it were me i’d be quite freaked out.
She’s starting to adjust to a 4-hour gap between feeds rather than 3, which help with the routine.
She is smiling and laughing a bit too – in order of recognition, Claire, Leo and I. His singing calms her down when she cries, too. But just like Leo she won’t deliver a grin on demand – frequently she won’t even look at me, she’s fixated on the light bulb or whatever catches her eye.

Poor Imogen and her injection

Her first jabs yesterday, so she’s been a bit under the weather. It’s so sad to see, especially as she was just starting to perk up into a cheerful baby – more smiling and less possetting.
She’s reaching out to bash things, and her face lights up in a very cute smile when Claire, Leo or I appear – and she smiles most broadly for Claire and Leo.
I know it is for the best – we went through all this with Leo – but it is particularly sad to see her upset from something we’ve put her through, rather than something biological from within her that we can’t do anything about anyway.

Thank you very much

Driving back from Waitrose, talking about going shopping for clothes. Leo asked if we would have to pay, and i said yes and asked him what we should pay with. He came out with:
‘Lights [giggling]. No, you can’t pay with lights. They will say “i don’t want these silly old lights, thank you very much” [more giggling]’
Then it was:
‘Bus. No, you can’t pay with a bus. They will say “i don’t want this silly old bus, thank you very much”‘
It was dark by now, and he asked why. When I said the Sun had gone to bed, and that it would get up in the morning, he asked whether it would have breakfast. I said yes, then asked him what it would have for breakfast. ‘Booze’, he replied.
Then added ‘Booze for lunch as well’. I asked him about dinner, and he said ‘lights’ and giggled.

Aunty Jenny is a witch

Reading Room on the Broom, Leo said ‘she is a bit like Aunty Jenny.’ When i asked him why, he said it was because she had a spotty skirt. So we called Jenny, and Leo explained to her. Then he added, ‘and Jenny has a hat a bit like that’. To my surprise, Jenny confirmed that she does indeed have a witch hat. I always knew there was something funny about her – at least Leo’s sussed it nice and early.