Imogen developing empathy as well…

She’s watching whatever she chooses now, sometimes a slightly capricous choice as she stares down a lightbulb, but often of course it’s Leo.
And today he got upset, i can’t remember why. She watched him for a while and then burst into tears. She stopped when he did.


Leo developing empathy and a nice line in surreal humour…

Leo had kindly spent Claire’s doctor appointment amusing Imogen. Then on the way home he asked Claire ‘are you all right now, did the doctor make you better?’ To which the answer could only be, ‘sort of, but you certainly just did’. I am overwhelmed by him so often these days. It seems nothing less than a miracle that he’s growing to be such a kindly, gentle, soulful boy when we’ve done pretty much nothing but try our best to be honest with him.
On the other side of ‘lovely’, he told us at lunchtime that his soup was green, and that that was a good colour for a soup. I asked him what would be a bad colour for soup. He replied, ‘Blue, because that would be the sea’.
He also said it would be funny if planes wore glasses, and if helicopters wore ‘stinky pants’.

A bit like sharing…

Leo wanted me to do his jigsaw with him. When i said we needed to turn the pieces the right way up. When i asked him to do some of them, he got v angry, sying i had to do them. When i refused, saying we had to turn them together to play together, else it was just him watching me play,he got very huffy and went off to another room.
Eventually, after three rounds of thi, he sat with me and we did it together.
“This is a bit like sharing”, he said. I love that he gets the reciprocity – eventually!

Grinning coy girl

She is really interested in the outside world now, and follows things with her eyes as either they move or she does. So we can turn round while holding her and she stays looking at the lights.
She is enjoying her baby gym as well.
But most of all, she enjoys grinning at us, and making little cooing pigeon noises. She certainly knows faces and voices now, and has a lovely little coy face – she puts her fist to her cheek and turns slightly.
Leo, meanwhile, is enjoying making jokes. Linguistic ones – calling things the wrong name. Alongside that, lots of pretending to be someone else. He’ll lie in my bed and say ‘I am daddy, you are Leo. Go and play in your room.’