Leo developing empathy and a nice line in surreal humour…

Leo had kindly spent Claire’s doctor appointment amusing Imogen. Then on the way home he asked Claire ‘are you all right now, did the doctor make you better?’ To which the answer could only be, ‘sort of, but you certainly just did’. I am overwhelmed by him so often these days. It seems nothing less than a miracle that he’s growing to be such a kindly, gentle, soulful boy when we’ve done pretty much nothing but try our best to be honest with him.
On the other side of ‘lovely’, he told us at lunchtime that his soup was green, and that that was a good colour for a soup. I asked him what would be a bad colour for soup. He replied, ‘Blue, because that would be the sea’.
He also said it would be funny if planes wore glasses, and if helicopters wore ‘stinky pants’.


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