His first school report…

He has ‘always’ against everything except three where he scores ‘usually’. Those three are, once you decode the Learning-speak, asking for help, being sociable and being confident to speak up in groups. Exactly the boy we know and love.
He’s showing loads of interest in rhymes and letters. He thinks ‘shampoo’ and ‘poo’ very funny (who wouldn’t?) and is very interested in seeing any letters from his own name. Reading Snail and the Whale, he asked what letters are in ‘Whale’. When i told him, he was overjoyed that the ‘l’ and ‘e’ are also in ‘Leo’.
He is a bit cligny with Claire at the moment – he is very good at independent play, but now he won’t do it, especially is Imogen is feeding. He is curious about what Imogen and Claire are doing when he’s at school, and whether Imogen goes to school – i think he feels left out which i suppose he is. Both Claire and I feel bad that he isn’t always at home, but Imogen needs some mummy time. Leo benefited from this at his age, and also it’ll help keep Claire a little more sane – the two of them are full on a lot of the time.
I feel bad i don’t write much about Imogen. But it’s just less interesting than Leo who’s just absurdly funny most of the time. She’s nearly sitting up – full head support – and fully in charge of her gaze now. She watches objects and grasps them with a bit of help. She loves Jane the Giraffe (a present from Jane Liddiard nee Stanley) to Leo, which he was fascinated by at her age. Imogen will look for it if she can’t see it when she lays on her changing mat.


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