Walking on the Moon

Among so many things to say about our trip to Humby;
Imogen was given a spinning top that made an ethereal, descending humming sound when it got going. Leo walked around the room like a spaceman, saying the music was ‘like how you walk on the Moon’.


Peace! (?)

They are in bed. Immy’s been sick on our bed, and Leo has been up three times because he ‘needs a wee’ (which he doesn’t).
So we sort of made it through without too much tantrums. The scooter and medical kit are the big hits for Leo, while Leo is (still) the big hit for Imogen. Makes us think Leo was very bored and under-stimulated as a baby without a big sib.
Packing for the trip to Grandma’s tomorrow. Then, wine, cheese and Dr Who? – David Tennant (for Claire), Kylie (for me) and some snappy dialogue and clever plotting to give us both cover: we aren’t watching a kid’s programme for the totty.

The collapse…

Sitting down for dinner, he cried out ‘I don’t like this, i want my computer’ (a v-tech laptop from Linda and Peter). His eyes were so hooded they were almost cowled, and when we presented him with the option of eat or nap he chose nap. Upstairs he hugged my neck and said over and over ‘I want a nap’.
Immy has fed and she’s bouncing and kicking in her chair along to Claire’s new Manu Chao album.

Sofa with crisps

It’s past naptime, but lunch isn’t quite ready. So he’s slumped on the sofa eating crisps watching Bob the Builder. Which is i’m sure his best way of spending the afternoon.
Imogen is asleep upstairs. She enjoyed the pub – faces, flashing Christmas lights – then fell asleep in the buggy on the way home.

Imogen’s first Christmas

She liked her first present, a buggy clip toy; she played with it for ages even before eating this morning!
She’s happily bouncing at the moment – watching Leo running around.
Her cradle cap has gone, and she’s got a couple of longer hairs now.
While her most gorgeous habit is pulling on the fabric near her knees, pulling her legs up. She just lies there wobbling her legs like that.