Thinking about museums – back to source…

I love this and I’m posting it here just to never forget! From The Museum Experience Revisited, Falk and Dierking, 2013.



The activities of a museum should be designed to answer one single overarching question:

“How will my community be different in positive and recognized ways because this museum exists?”

To accomplish this, the following key issues need to be addressed:

1. Why do you exist? Who are you serving? In other words, who is your public (or publics) and what are the specific needs they have that you, as a museum, can satisfy better than anyone else?
2. What assets do you bring to the table? What are the internal assets your institution has, such as the human resources of staff, board and supporters; also the assets of collections, building and brand? How will you forge and maintain external partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organisations in the community that support and leverage your impact?
3. How will you support your mission? What is your business strategy? What is the unique combination of products and services you will provide to the public in order to satisfy specific public need and generate sufficient funding to keep your door open?


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